Let it Go

Let it go, let it go

Can’t hold it back anymore

Let it go, let it go

Turn away and slam the door

Let it Go Frozen


Since I first heard this song on “Frozen” last December, it captivated me. The apparent “freedom” of letting it go. Letting go of rules, responsibilities and burdens appealed to my busy, stressed out, pre-midterm exam psyche. How wonderful it would be if I could just let it go and forget about everything! To just do what I want! I felt so burdened by everything happening around me. It was a hectic and sad Christmas. My Grand-Aunt in California passed away. My Mom took a flight for the funeral on Christmas night. So before that, my Mom and I were rushing through Cubao to buy Christmas presents for relatives abroad. With all that was going on Christmas was not as festive as it would normally be. And I still feel like it came and went too fast.


Thankfully, our parish next door had Simbang Gabi every night. And my family was still together for Christmas Eve Mass at Gesu. Those helped! But nonetheless Christmas was way too fast this year.


Let it go, Let it go


I found myself really drawn to this song but I didn’t know why. My attraction scared me because I knew the song was so hedonistic. And that wasn’t right. So one day, I sat in bed praying to God about it. As I did, I sensed Him telling me to let it go. To stop holding on to my worries, my burdens and fears. To let it go. To let it go and to trust in Him. Letting it go didn’t mean do what I wanted, living however I pleased. Letting it go meant trusting in Him. Letting it go meant that I should stop trying to control the chaos in my life. Letting it go meant believing that He knew what was best for me. And He would always provide for me what was best.


And He always has provided the best. For example, last week I was working bonus papers for my Public International Law class. I was writing digests or summaries of the cases. We weren’t allowed to write on anything already on our syllabus. So you can imagine my frustration when I realized that the case I spent so much time summarizing was on our syllabus for last Saturday! The name was written in an acronym and so it didn’t register when I searched the syllabus. I’d wasted so much time! Then on Saturday, our professor announced that we would have voluntary recitation. Suddenly I realized that this was my chance! Maybe my summary would not go to waste after all! When out prof called out that case, I raised my hand. And full of confidence I recited the case and good a pretty good grade! God is good! I am so grateful to Him for that because it really pulled my grades up! 🙂


Let it go, Let it go


Let go and let God. Let go and stop holding on so tightly. Let it go and let God love you as He wants to. Because that all that He wants do for you. He wants to love you.

Jesus and me