Christmas: The Battle Begins


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We are at war. That’s right a war. Not what you were expecting?  But it’s true! Jesus came down from heaven to lead us in this epic battle; the battle between good and evil, the battle for our souls.

When at war, a common tactic is to deceive your enemy. Strategize, convince you enemy that the battle lies elsewhere. Or better yet, that no battle exists at all. Subtly, unconsciously intercepting their minds and hearts, until they forget they are at war. Unaware of the war, they lose the will to fight, to resist the attacks of the enemy.

This is what Christmas has become for many. Crowded malls full of people shopping for presents. Concerts and parties, television specials and festivities; these are the distractions which the enemy has used to foil us into believing that there is no more war. That the battle is won, and do not need to do anything more. Just enjoy yourselves, have fun! After all, it’s Christmas!

But that is only half true. Indeed we should enjoy ourselves during this Christmas season. We should celebrate Christ’s birth. But even as we do, we should not forget the reason for His birth.

In Fr. Barron’s “Catholicism,” he lays out God’s battle plan for that faithful, Christmas day. A legion of angels appeared to the shepherds, proclaiming the Jesus the Messiah was born.  A legion of angels! This was no mere choir! This was an army! An army ready for war! And the shepherds were called to report to the Chief Commanding Officer for instruction. Where was the Chief Commanding Officer? Why, He had to go undercover of course! And so he silently slipped behind enemy lines, a babe in a manger in the lowly town of Bethlehem. Bu that wasn’t all. In a war you need all the allies you can get. As the King of kings He wanted all His subjects to be saved. So He sent up a beacon of light, a coded signal, which Wise Men from the East followed, bearing gifts for their Lord and Master.

The Christmas story is not only a peaceful, gentle tale of the Holy Infant’s birth. Although it is that too! But we must never forget why He came in the first place. He came to save our souls. On the day of our Confirmation, we were enlisted into His army. We were called upon, to battle against the forces of evil; the devil, the world and the flesh.  We are the Church Militant. We were called to strive for holiness, for Sainthood. Our weapons? Mass, prayer, confession, penance and charity and service for our loved ones and our neighbors. And Advent is the best time to sharpen our weapons. To prepare for the King’s coming, we must strive to grow in our spiritual lives. Both in our life of prayer and labour. Doing all things for the greater glory of God. This is our battle cry! Gloria In Excelsis Deo!

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29 thoughts on “Christmas: The Battle Begins

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    • Are you from the US? I’m from the Philippines, our problems here are contraception and sex education. But apart from these issues, abortion, divorce and same-sex marriage are always in my Rosary prayers. God Bless!

  6. Hazaar! I don’t know whether it’s the ex-police offer in me (St Michael is our patron saint you know) but this has really touched a nerve. I love the imagery of the legion of angels; I always call it a choir, but you’re right! The best thing is as this is Christ’s battle plan it’s the only one we can sign up to knowing that we will win and that we will be surprised by what we will have to do to win; sacrifice in it’s true sense.
    wonderful post. I’m adding you to my blog roll. Is there a link to follow you; I know I’ll learn a lot!

    • Thank you for your generous comments. I grateful to God it touched you. The imagery of a legion of angels cam from Father Robert Barron though, so I can’t claim any credit for it. I just elaborated a bit on what he said. 🙂

      I’m new to blogging so I don’t know where the follow link is. To be honest, I’m a law student so I’m quite sporadic blogger. I can’t promise posting that often. Hope my ramblings don’t disappoint. God Bless!

  7. We are at war, what a great reminder. Of course, we must never forget what the stakes are in this war. If we, in our individual souls, side with the king we stand to inherit life everlasting. If we don’t, we shall suffer eternal torment in Hell. Nothing could be more serious. Thanks for the reminder heading into this holy season!

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  9. The War isn’t over, but the Enemy Below has lost. But like with all wars, the loser doesn’t know how to surrender.

    So we need to fight on!

    You’re post reminds me of a pair of excellent talks by Dr. John Cuddeback for the Institute of Catholic Culture. Here’s the link:

    St. Thomas Aquinas’ prayer after Communion has a really cool petition in it, regarding the Eucharist: “May it be the Armor of Faith and the Shield of Good Will.”

    So there it is. Our armor and defenses in the war against death is He who conquered death.

    And what better time than Christmas to recall those great words of joy in the Resurrection: “O Death, where is thy sting?”

    • Interesting! Thanks! I’ll check it out! 🙂 Actually I think I got inspired by Peter Kreeft’s talk on “How to Win the Culture War.” My friend sold me her book and I found a copy of it online. Check it out! Good stuff!

      That and seeing “Catching Fire” last weekend. :))

      I’m a law student in the Philippines and the legal battles for life here are just beginning. So I guess it reflects my frame of mind.

      Jesus is our armor and defenses. Cool quotes! God Bless!

      • I love this Peter Kreeft talk. I’m not sure I’m with you on the Christmas war, there are, after all different classes of angels. But I like your source material! Blessed advent to you.

      • It’s not really Christmas war per say. More of spiritual war that begins with Christ’s birth. I think my sources did a better job of it anyway… Good point about the classes of angels! Fr. Barron’s talk just got my imagination running wild I guess. :)) Blessed Advent to you too!

  10. Amen Sister.
    Christmas is not war. Advent is not war.
    We should be extra peaceful and loving during this time.


  11. Hi Mary, your post is very unique I must say that. I wasn’t expecting war and a battle cry but your words are truth and also need to be heard this Advent Season. We must not get caught up in all the cuteness and forget as you said, why Jesus came to earth. By the way, what a gift Fr. Barron’s Catholicism series is for the Catholic Church. We used it in our bible study last year and it was visually overwhelming and listening to the DVD is overpowering. Must go through it again. I found myself getting caught up in the beautiful churches and shrines and paintings…etc that is his background.
    May God bless you this Advent Season for standing for truth!

  12. This is such a great post because it seems that I ponder this good vs. evil stuff all the time! You so eloquently express my thoughts about it all. This is such an insightful and thought-provoking post any time of year, but especially during this season of preparation for our newborn King! St. Michael defend us in battle as the war rages on…God bless you this Advent season!

  13. “When at war, a common tactic is to deceive your enemy. Strategize, convince you enemy that the battle lies elsewhere. Or better yet, that no battle exists at all. Subtly, unconsciously intercepting their minds and hearts, until they forget they are at war. Unaware of the war, they lose the will to fight, to resist the attacks of the enemy.”

    That reminded me of a talk by Peter Kreeft I heard twice (as it’s on DVD) from the 2013 Defending the Faith conference that occurred in Stuebenville this past summer. He drove that point home while talking about ways to draw Catholics from Christ without them even realizing it was happening.

    Evil IS real and ignoring it won’t make anything better.

  14. Very, very interesting. It’s always a little disconcerting to think about God and angels in terms of war, but I think you are right. The battle is for souls. Pray, receive the sacraments, serve others, and prepare your heart. What a way to live Advent!

  15. My children are dreaming of mountains of presents and I don’t know a mother who isn’t stressed out of her mind right now. In this pre-Christmas whirlwind, we are tempted to forget the meaning of Advent as a time of patient waiting and reflection. More shockingly, we might miss out on the true joy of Christmas!
    Let’s keep Christ in Christmas and spread the “good news.” Here’s a great video to share:

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