Christmas: The Battle Begins


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We are at war. That’s right a war. Not what you were expecting?  But it’s true! Jesus came down from heaven to lead us in this epic battle; the battle between good and evil, the battle for our souls.

When at war, a common tactic is to deceive your enemy. Strategize, convince you enemy that the battle lies elsewhere. Or better yet, that no battle exists at all. Subtly, unconsciously intercepting their minds and hearts, until they forget they are at war. Unaware of the war, they lose the will to fight, to resist the attacks of the enemy.

This is what Christmas has become for many. Crowded malls full of people shopping for presents. Concerts and parties, television specials and festivities; these are the distractions which the enemy has used to foil us into believing that there is no more war. That the battle is won, and do not need to do anything more. Just enjoy yourselves, have fun! After all, it’s Christmas!

But that is only half true. Indeed we should enjoy ourselves during this Christmas season. We should celebrate Christ’s birth. But even as we do, we should not forget the reason for His birth.

In Fr. Barron’s “Catholicism,” he lays out God’s battle plan for that faithful, Christmas day. A legion of angels appeared to the shepherds, proclaiming the Jesus the Messiah was born.  A legion of angels! This was no mere choir! This was an army! An army ready for war! And the shepherds were called to report to the Chief Commanding Officer for instruction. Where was the Chief Commanding Officer? Why, He had to go undercover of course! And so he silently slipped behind enemy lines, a babe in a manger in the lowly town of Bethlehem. Bu that wasn’t all. In a war you need all the allies you can get. As the King of kings He wanted all His subjects to be saved. So He sent up a beacon of light, a coded signal, which Wise Men from the East followed, bearing gifts for their Lord and Master.

The Christmas story is not only a peaceful, gentle tale of the Holy Infant’s birth. Although it is that too! But we must never forget why He came in the first place. He came to save our souls. On the day of our Confirmation, we were enlisted into His army. We were called upon, to battle against the forces of evil; the devil, the world and the flesh.  We are the Church Militant. We were called to strive for holiness, for Sainthood. Our weapons? Mass, prayer, confession, penance and charity and service for our loved ones and our neighbors. And Advent is the best time to sharpen our weapons. To prepare for the King’s coming, we must strive to grow in our spiritual lives. Both in our life of prayer and labour. Doing all things for the greater glory of God. This is our battle cry! Gloria In Excelsis Deo!

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