Weaving Dreams and Watching Clouds

After a year of hedging back and forth. I’ve finally decided to start my own blog. I don’t know if anyone will read it. But reading so many Catholic blogs online, the need for the New Evangelization and the danger of the RH law, and potential divorce laws – I can’t sit here and do nothing! And Facebook just seems like too small a platform for topics this important.

I hope to help somehow. Not that I think this blog would get much traffic. No one even knows this exists yet. But God gave me a talent for writing, – one which is admittedly under-developed… But hey I’m getting there! That’s why I’m writing here right?

So yes, socio-political issues, literature, philosophizing, evangelization and the spiritual life, these are topics I hope to discuss on this blog. As a law student, hopefully I can post at least twice a month. Hopefully!

After all that, I leave you with this. The last poem I’ve written in a decade or so. Or should I say the Maestro has deigned to write, through His tiny, little flute.  🙂

The Maestros Flute


3 thoughts on “Weaving Dreams and Watching Clouds

  1. Beautiful! Thanks for starting this blog. May the Lord bless you in this venture…in this year of faith and in the future. I love the poem.

  2. Way to go Mary!! I love the poem too, and if the Lord has inspired this work, you can trust that He will fulfill it according to His plan. May you be richly blessed for your service to Him.

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