Weaving Dreams and Watching Clouds

After a year of hedging back and forth. I’ve finally decided to start my own blog. I don’t know if anyone will read it. But reading so many Catholic blogs online, the need for the New Evangelization and the danger of the RH law, and potential divorce laws – I can’t sit here and do nothing! And Facebook just seems like too small a platform for topics this important.

I hope to help somehow. Not that I think this blog would get much traffic. No one even knows this exists yet. But God gave me a talent for writing, – one which is admittedly under-developed… But hey I’m getting there! That’s why I’m writing here right?

So yes, socio-political issues, literature, philosophizing, evangelization and the spiritual life, these are topics I hope to discuss on this blog. As a law student, hopefully I can post at least twice a month. Hopefully!

After all that, I leave you with this. The last poem I’ve written in a decade or so. Or should I say the Maestro has deigned to write, through His tiny, little flute.  🙂

The Maestros Flute